Voice reps

Voice Reps

Voice Reps have a role to play in respect of both new and existing members of the choir.

New and prospective new members

Regardless of the means by which they have contacted the choir, whether through the Secretary or by some other route, new and prospective new members of the choir should be directed to the appropriate Voice Rep as soon as possible (preferably at their first rehearsal). We all share responsibility for this: anyone looking lost should be directed to a Voice Rep!

The Voice Rep introduces the new member to the section, ensuring they know:

  • how rehearsals are organised, including coffee break arrangements etc.
  • where to get music
  • any important upcoming dates
  • who are the current committee members
  • to ask if they have any questions

Existing choir members

The Voice Rep acts as an ongoing point of contact for choir members in their voice part, answering questions and liaising with the Committee over concerns if an individual choir member prefers not to approach the Committee themselves.

Current Voice Reps (2021-22)

Sopranos:            currently vacant – please contact Liz Johnson or Jill Smith in the meantime

Altos:                    currently vacant – please contact Val Jordan or Sue Crownshaw in the meantime

Tenors:                 Philip Statham

Basses:                   Hugh Barton