Meet a Choir Member

Christine Haseler


How long have you been a member of Charlton Kings Choral Society? Since January 2017, this time round
Which voice part do you sing (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)? Alto
What kind of music do you most like to sing? All sorts, particularly church music and classical style
Who are your favourite composers? Holst, Bach
Who is your least favourite composer? They all have merits
Which CKCS concert have you most enjoyed? Messiah
Are you, or have you been, a member of any other choirs? Not recently
Do you play any musical instruments; if so, which? Violin
What musical talent would you most like to have? To make the violin expressive
What is your idea of perfect happiness? Peace, music and mountains
What is your greatest regret? Not taking singing lessons
What is your motto in life? Life is a chorus