About CKCS

We rehearse between 19:30 and 21:30 each Wednesday in the school hall of St Edward’s Junior School in Ashley Road, Battledown. There are occasionally additional rehearsals in the build up to major concerts.

We aim to make rehearsals enjoyable and entertaining. The atmosphere at rehearsal is friendly and supportive with our professional conductor and accompanist working to produce an experience that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Our approach to making music is to work hard to produce the best possible performance we are capable of. A reasonable singing voice and good musical ear are advantageous and, while not expecting complete fluency, some ability to read and understand musical notation is desirable. Being a member of the choir brings opportunities to improve both vocal quality and overall musicianship.

For more challenging music we usually split the choir into sections and rehearse in two or more groups for the first part of the evening so that more attention can be paid to individual parts. All rehearsals end with the choir coming together for the second half. In addition we organise technical workshops with visiting singing professionals who listen to our progress and give help and advice on how to improve our performances.

Our year is organised around two major concerts held usually in November and May.

We also hold a Christmas Carol Service in St Mary’s Charlton Kings and usually a summer event such as singing choral evensong at one of the nearer cathedrals.